Frequently Asked Questions

What is DanceSport Alberta?

DSAB is a non-profit amateur association whose main goal is to promote and encourage recreational dancing and DanceSport within Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories (the Jurisdiction).

We are the governing body of DanceSport in the Jurisdiction and provides rules and regulations for competitions (e.g. syllabus, costumes, ranking) as well as approving (sanctioning) competitions within the Jurisdiction.

Do I need to belong to DSAB to compete?

It is necessary to belong to DSAB to participate in a sanctioned competition. The annual membership fee varies depending on age. For more information please see our Membership page.

How do I join?

There is a downloadable membership form (PDF) on the Membership page. This can be either mailed to DSAB or given to a local board member. For a list of directors see the our Contact Us page.

How do I enter a competition?

You can find a list of competitions from the Upcoming Events page with contact information for the organizers. You must register for each competition prior to the posted deadline. For many competitions there will be no registration fee but you must purchase an admission ticket.

What are the competition categories?

The levels for competition are: Newcomer, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pre-Championship, and Championship. Each of these levels also has separate age classifications.

How do I know what my ranking is?

If you have never competed before you will be in the Newcomer level. You are allowed to challenge the next level so you could compete in both Newcomer and Pre-Bronze in your first competition if you wish. If you have been competing then your ranking will depend on your competition results.

Am I too old to compete?

No! There are classifications for all ages, e.g. Youth, Adult, Senior I (both partners 35+), Senior II (both partners 45+). At any given competition, entries will be accepted for all age classifications at all levels, however there may be a minimum number of entries required to run a particular event. Senior and Youth couples may compete in Adult events.

What happens if I compete and win – does my ranking change?

A competitor is elevated to the next highest level upon earning an aggregate of points as follows:
– Newcomer: 1 point
– Bronze – Pre-Championship: 5 points
One point is awarded to the winning couple in an event with 5–11 couples. Two points are awarded to the wining couple in an event with 12 or more couples.

What is the cost of competing?

It is necessary to be a member of DSAB to compete (see our Membership page for fees). There are competition registration fees, and you are required to purchase an admission ticket.

Do I need an expensive costume?

For the Newcomer category costumes are not allowed. The gentlemen require dress slacks and shirt for Latin and dress slacks, shirt and tie for Standard. The lady may wear a skirt and top, dress or appropriate evening wear for Latin and a skirt and blouse, dress or formal evening dress for Standard. A Latin costume, tail-suit or ball-gown is not permitted. Further information about costumes for other levels can be found by downloading the dress code on the Downloads and Resources page

Do I need special footwear? Are different shoes required for Latin and Standard?

It is assumed that competitors wear dance shoes, however it is not a requirement to wear actual ballroom shoes or to have different shoes for Standard and Latin. Your dancing abilities will greatly benefit from the use of proper footwear.

Are there rules for hair and makeup?

There are general guidelines only, e.g. excessive make up and too elaborate hairstyles are not desirable. However, members are happy to provide advice about current trends (e.g. self-tanning lotions). Ask us! Your DSAB Members’ Handbook is also a valuable resource with articles on this topic.

What dances do I have to perform?

For Newcomer level it will be the Waltz for Standard, and Cha Cha for Latin. In Bronze category generally it will be Waltz and Quickstep for Standard, and Cha Cha and Jive for Latin. Detailed information will always be on the registration form for all levels.

What dance patterns can I perform?

A syllabus is provided on the Downloads and Resources page for both International Latin and Standard with steps allowed for each category. Generally you will have a short routine that you perform using the approved steps for that level. The music will play long enough that you will have time to repeat the routine at least once.